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Chinua Achebe and the Risky Business of Being an Ancestor

[intro]Both Nadine Gordimer and Simon Gikandi have said that the publication of Things Fall Apart marks the invention of the African novel. True, there had been novels in Africa long before Chinua Achebe came on the scene. But the publication of Things Fall Apart is...

Stephen Davies

Steve G writes about world news, finance, marketing, technology, business and covers product reviews for global firms. Stephen has written for digital agencies, e-zines and maintains a passion for updating a number of his own blogs. Writer by day, reader by night,...

Mehita Iqani

Mehita Iqani is Associate Professor in Media Studies at Wits. Her research explores the links between consumer culture and the media in the global south. She is a co-host of The Academic Citizen podcast.

Jill Honeybush

Jill Honeybush is an artist, Cultural and Creative industries Communications Specialist, healer and activist who lives and works between //Hui !Gaeb and other spaces in the country, continent and globe on fascinating projects of interest.

Brenda Leonard

Brenda Leonard is the managing director of Bush Radio, Africa’s oldest community radio station project based in Cape Town, South Africa. The idea of Bush Radio started in the 1980s when community activists and alternative media producers came together to explore ways...