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Malume’s Painting: capturing history and humanity

[intro]Malume’s Painting is a reminder to South Africans, of how the youth of 1976 played a pivotal role in the country’s liberation struggle which led to the ultimate collapse of apartheid. This is a significant book about South African history deserving to be told...

Are books the youth’s new protest posters?

[intro]There’s an African proverb which says, the greatest wars are fought with words. What then do we do as young Africans? Do we write more? Do we read more? Do we resort to violence or civil disobedience? Two young Africans are making their mark with books. This...

Baastards or Humans: The unfolding truth

[intro]Celebrating Africa day and African history is necessary to consciously remind Africans of the wealth and sophistication embedded in our past.[/intro] “The value of history is that it teaches us lessons embedded in our past and exposes us to patterns of...

Manala Botolo

Manala Botolo is the assistant manager of communications and public education at the Film and Publication Board. She holds a diploma in Public Relations and numerous post graduate qualifications in Communications, Branding and Leadership.

Tatum De Jongh

Tatum De Jongh is a student at the University of Cape Town majoring in Media and Writing, Politics and Governance and English Literature.